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Thank you to those who helped us reach for more.

H. Campbell and Eleanor R. Stuckeman

J. Ian Adamson

Jane M. Andrews

John D. Andrews

Apple-A-Day Fruits, Inc.

Associated Student Activities, PSU

Cheryl A. Auchenbach

Farley S. and Ann W. Baker

Nancy Schwartz Berg

Michael M. and Barbara Lejeune Bianco

W. Thomas and Leona P. Borellis

Shawn M. Boyd

Lloyd S. and Laurie A. Brubaker

Michelle A. Brummer

David S. and Ellen M. Cavanaugh

Susan T. U. Chism

David B. and Sandra Wolfe Christian

Douglas M. and Kathryn Simons Cochrane

Daniel M. Colagrande and Alice Russo

Salvatore M. Conte

Corrie P. Cotton

David L. and Doreen W. Cronrath

Dahn & Krieger Architect Planners, PC

Patricia B. Danish

Mark C. and Lynn A. DeFabio

Design Collective


Michael E. Doyle

William M. and Phoebe English Duff

Jamil E. and Lynne E. Faridy

Robert E. and Marcy G. Fenza

Roger P. and Patricia E. Fickes

Kimberli J. Flanders

Foreman Architects/Engineers, Inc.

Kelleann Foster

Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania

Jay A. Gold

Golf Course Builders Association of America Foundation

Raymond Gordon

John A. Gorka

Mark and Robin Dale Hajjar

A. William and Anne B. Hajjar Charitable Family Fund

Robert D. and Jeanne M. Hand

John R. Hellmann, Sr.

Wilmer L. and Donna Henninger

William A. Hess, Jr.

Donald F. and Caroline H. Hilderbrandt

Gregory J. Holtzman

June E. Jasen

Martin W. Jolin

William T. and Barbara V. Jones

Linda M. Kates

Eugene A. and Mary Moran Keller

Alena C. Kerins

Charles and Diane King

John J. and Bonita L. Kintz

P. Jeffrey and Kim Bertovich Knopp

John C. and Sarah McGehee Komisin


George R. Leah, Jr.

Joseph G. Lisicky

Richard J. Lorah, Jr. and Family

George V. and Patricia Zukosky Madl

Hewitt B. McCloskey, Jr.

Thomas M. McGilloway

Addison J. and Joyce Miller Meyers

David C. and Susan N. Mitchell

Jeffrey N. and Debra Donovan Morgan

William H. Morgan

Jane A. Mullen

Federico Mechini and Lorine Murray-Mechini

NCMA Education Research Foundation

Darwina L. Neal

David C. and Anne J. Necker

Russell P. Neff

Rachel K. Oleinick

James W. Pashek and Mary Weidner

Payette Associates, Inc.

Eliza Pennypacker

Plans East Design, Inc.

Edmund C. and Cynthia Pohland

William M. and Kathleen Tresnak Reehl

RGS Associates, Inc.

Lisa A. Roman

David A. and Cecilia Jaswa Rusnak

Gary B. and Betty F. Schwartz

Abby and Vera Schwartz

Gregory J. and Terri E. Scott

Joseph M. Lannutti and Holly C. Shirk

Andrew Simmons

James G. Stavoy

Robert Teich

Charles P. and Kathleen P. Trovel

Elizabeth S. Walker

Donald R. and Joan W. Watson

Robert E. and Patricia S. Weidknecht

Maureen Wheatley

John A. and Susan Walker Wilcenski

Christopher J. Wiley

Witkin Hults Design Group

Andrew M. and Judi Witkin