Penn State University

Test Drive

Penn State Architecture students in the Secret Life of Public Spaces Studio have spent the year responding to public space through performative design. In a collaborative effort with Landscape Architecture, Engineering, the University Dance Company, and Los Angeles-based Diavolo Dance Theater, Architecture students have designed a variety of wearable devices and vehicles that double as reactions to public space and instruments for dance.

Dance Vehicle No. 1 (pictured) is a mobile dance space that translates pedestrianism, walking, and routine into public spectacle. The vehicle was designed and fabricated by third- and fourth-year Architecture students Will T. Bunk III, Kyle Brown, and Alex Bruce, and Penn State Engineering students.

The culminating events of the Secret Life of Public Spaces Studio featured the world premiere of Diavolo’s Transit Space, a work inspired by extreme skateboarding culture that was commissioned by the Center for the Performing Arts and shaped by Stuckeman School Architecture and Landscape Architecture students. More information can be found at
 and The Secret Life of Public Spaces on Facebook.