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Dispatches From Rome: Architecture Student Chronicles Study Abroad Experience in Blog

Penn State Architecture students studying in Rome, Italy, keep a digital diary of their experiences.

Below is a list of entries. Read Eric Weiss' full blog here:

Slideshow: Studio Project Mid-Term Review Drawings

Spring Break: Week 2 – Pt. III (Barcelona)

So after spending the first 3/4 of my break traveling around Italy, I took a trip outside of the country for the second time this semester (Interlaken, Switzerland being the first) to Barcelona, Spain. My flight arrived in Barcelona – El Prat at around 1:30 on Thursday afternoon. I took a shuttle to Placa Catalunya, […]

Spring Break: Week 2 – Pt. II (Venice)

After a busy few weeks back in Rome, I realized that I’ve gotten a little behind on these updates, so I’ll try and make up for lost time. When we last spoke, I had just left Florence for the City of Bridges. No, not Pittsburgh, but Venice, Italy.  Built on a series of lagoon islands, […]

Spring Break: Week 2 – Pt. 1 (Florence)

I made it back to Rome on Monday after two weeks of traveling. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the first week, spent in Capri, Italy. Now for the next installment… When we last spoke, I had hinted at some of the problems I ran into traveling from Capri to Florence, via […]

Spring Break Pt. I: Exploring Capri

**Author’s Note: This is the longest post I have written to date (with good reason). You may want to grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable before you embark.** As I (edit: begin to) write this, I am sitting on a train from Naples to Rome, the first half of my two weeks […]

Arrivederci Roma…for now…

Today marks my last day in Rome for the next two weeks. I’ll be leaving tomorrow to spend a week on the Isle of Capri working on an the design of a visitor center and revitalization of an ancient archaeological site on the island. The design workshop is part of an international graduate student program […]

New Project: Time Lapse Videos

So recently I found that photography was becoming a bit stale for me over here (crazy, I know), so I decided to take a new angle on it. I’d seen many examples of time-lapse videos in both urban and natural settings, and they always caught my eye. I decided to make a second-half of the […]

Holy Week in Rome

Two weeks ago was Holy Week for the entire Catholic world, and with Rome as the capital of that world, it came as no surprise that the week was met with much fanfare, as well as many people. Although I unfortunately missed Palm Sunday mass in Rome as I was traveling back from Cinque Terre, […]

Cinque Terre: 3.30-4.1

Last weekend three classmates and I (the same group that went to Viterbo), traveled north to Cinque Terre. The name Cinque Terre translates to “five lands”, referring to the stretch of five towns along the Mediterranean coast. We left on Friday afternoon after our mid-term reviews for studio. We took a 4 hour train ride […]

Rome, Italy – Time Lapse

Finally finished my semester-long project putting together time lapse videos from around Rome. Only three days left abroad, so I probably won’t have any updates until I return home, but I plan on continuing this blog as a kind of survival guide/tips blog for students studying abroad. In the meantime, enjoy the sights of the […]