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Department of Architecture Travels to Erie: Wind Turbine Integration in Architecture and the Urban Environment

Eleven student projects from Penn State’s Department of Architecture were presented in an April 14 opening in the East Wing of the Erie Maritime Museum. The exhibit, “Wind Turbine Integration in Architecture and the Urban Environment," is open until October 12, 2012.

The exhibited projects were developed in the fall of 2010 by a third-year design studio in Penn State's Department of Architecture. Twenty-seven students designed a speculative addition to the existing Erie Maritime Museum, including a workshop to restore and build historic ships. The scenario: a client that envisioned using wind energy in the building to symbolize the wind energy integral to sailing. “Wind Turbine Integration in Architecture and the Urban Environment” presents ideas for utilizing wind turbines to partially cover the energy demands of a building.

This exhibition presents six different design approaches to integrating wind turbines in architecture: turbines are free standing or integrated on the roof, at the parapet, at the facade, and in wind funneling structures on the roof or in the building.

Part of a larger Penn State research project that began in 2010, the exhibition is the result of an interdisciplinary team of University researchers and instructors from the departments of Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Aerospace Engineering. The team combines technical, environmental, and aesthetic research and design studies, forming a testing ground for new architectural strategies that closely link the utilization of wind turbines to buildings. For more information please visit

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Caption: Malcolm Woollen, Penn State Department of Architecture professor, discusses wind turbine integration in architecture with visitors. Alumnus Nick Mobilia ('10 B.Arch.), front, attended.