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Bachelor of Science Degree

Bachelor of Science Degree

The pre-professional program (ARCBS) is a four-year curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Architecture requiring 135 credits. 

The curriculum consists of a foundation core of design, introductory studies in architecture and environmental design at various scales, programming and implementation techniques, architectural data systems application, architectural theories in design and methodology, and research. This program helps prepare those who intend to enter related environmental design professions.  Bachelor of Science graduates are trained and eligible for immediate participation as paraprofessionals in the environmental design field, may continue their studies in intensive and specialized professional training for the first professional degree, or may continue with further graduate studies.

Incorporated into the program is a one-semester required study abroad at our Rome, Italy facility located in the Piazza del Collogio Romano.  This opportunity is part of the fourth-year of studies.

The Bachelor of Science degree requires 45 credits in general education and 95 credits in the major. 

A minimum of 135 credits is required.

A. Professional core courses: 69 credits
Arch design 42 credits
Visual communications 3 credits
Structural and environment control systems 6 credits*
Design and planning theories 6 credits
Architectural History 12 credits**

B. Professional area studies: 21 credits
Architectural environmental control systems 9 credits
Architectural building materials 6 credits
Architectural and planning theories 6 credits

C. Supporting Courses 6 credits

*Please note that the preprofessional leading to a B.S. degree is a nonaccredited degree. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania only the professional degree (B.Arch--5 years) is recognized for licensure application. The students applying for entry into the Department of Architecture should check with the state of their residence for similar regulations concerning requirements for licensure application.

*6 are also included as part of the General Education courses

**3 credits are also included as part of the General Education courses

Continuation into the third year will be determined by departmental review and evaluation at the end of the fourth semester.

For Further Information

For additional information from NAAB, you may view the NAAB Guide to Student Performance Criteria and the NAAB Conditions of Accreditation.

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